5 best self-sustainable holiday homes


In this blog we present five of the best self-sustainable holiday homes. These are truly environmentally friendly and allow you to live off-the-grid. If you want to limit your impact on the ecosystem and are curious about eco-friendly vacations, we’ve got the perfect transportable holiday homes for you.

Many of our transportab;e holiday homes are self-sustainable. These smart houses are powered solely by solar and wind energy, which makes them truly environmentally friendly. They allow you to live off-the-grid, while still enjoying the luxury of a hotel room. They provide a design way to independent housing with which you will achieve a new level of freedom. In this blog we’d like to present five of the best self-supporting holiday homes.

Here are our top five self-sustainable holiday homes:

Sustainable holiday home #1 Shelter S

An ark shelter that has zero impact on the ecosystem around it, you can choose where to set up camp with Shelter S in almost any environment. The large glass doors and windows allow for natural light to stream in and the minimalist design really absorbs the shelter into the surrounding environment rather than acting as a feature. This holiday home can be as self-sustaining as you like as you can manage the area around you as well as within.

Sustainable holiday home #2 Ecocapsule Pioneer

The Ecocapsule Pioneer is powered entirely by solar and wind energy, allowing complete off-the-grid living. The inside of the capsule is strikingly familiar to a hotel room, giving you an eco-living, self-supporting experience unlike the images often presented by the media. You can utilize the pod as a cottage, a pop-up hotel or even a charging station for electric vehicles.

Sustainable holiday home #3 Reykjavik Solarcabin

Unlike any property you’ve ever seen, the Reykjavik Solarcabin has a distinctive solar-paneled roof, angled to best catch the sun’s rays and generate all the power for the cabin within, to make it truly environmentally friendly. The cabin can be made to measure to fit your preferences and is manufactured entirely from sustainable materials. With multiple living spaces within, the Reykjavik Solarcabin is perfect for either a quick getaway or a longer stay.

Sustainable holiday home #4 Wikkelhouse

Cardboard never looked so good! The Wikkelhouse is made wholly of wooden fibers woven together into cardboard and it comes with a minimum guarantee of 50 years. Both sustainably and ethically produced, the Wikkelhouse units are over three times more eco-friendly than traditional housing. Even when the Wikkelhouse comes to the end of its life, all parts of it are 100% recyclable.

Sustainable holiday home #5 Fanni Wohnwagon 

Ready to go for sustainable living and off-the-grid usage, the Fanni Wohnwagon has a PV-system, wooden stove, bio-toilet and water filtration system built in from initial installation. This makes it the perfect ethical and environmentally friendly hotel room. The Fanni Wohnwagon doesn’t compromise on quality or style yet still offers fantastic function.

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