Transport of your movable holiday home

Do you already own a transportable holiday home and would you like to move it to a new location? Or would you like your brand new home transported to your first holiday spot? Our transport service and moving expertise is available for all transportable holiday homes.

How do you move my transportable holiday home?

Your movable holiday home can be transported in a number of ways. For transportation we can put your home in a container, or move it as a container. We can even move your entire holiday home as it is, in one go! Mostly, all that is needed is a single lorry to carry it and a crane to nest it in. But if necessary, we can also disassemble your home to get it ready for transport. The design and structure of the transportable holiday homes allow it to be assembled and disassembled many times over.

We have a number of different options for the type of transport we use. Your movable holiday home can be relocated by truck or boat. In the future we might even use zeppelins! Depending on your destination and your movable holiday home we select the best possible sort of transport for your specific situation.

Who are your transportation partners?

Similar products - like chalets and boats - are already being moved by specialized companies. We work with these experienced partners to make sure your home travels first class and will be awaiting your arrival.

Through collaboration we’re able to offer you some great deals. For example: If the exact date of arrival is not crucial, we can take advantage of free spaces in container transportation. Also, we invite transportation companies to come up with special offers per region in certain periods of time, through which we can combine the transportation of more than one movable holiday homes. Group transportation is much more efficient.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us for more information and a proposal for the transport of your holiday home.