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At Flying Holiday Homes we offer you a complete online overview of transportable holiday homes and suitable locations to place these movable homes. We are your connection to suppliers of transportable holiday homes and owners of suitable locations. On our website you can learn more about all the possibilities of these unique houses and discover new locations to place them. And last but not least, we can take care of the finance, insure and transport your movable home.

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We offer a complete online catalogue of transportable holiday homes

Browse and compare the best transportable holiday homes the market has to offer. You can ask for an inquiry, directly from the architect, without any strings attached.


Find the perfect location to put your movable home and spend your holidays

We offer a growing network of suitable spots around the world to place your transportable holiday home. We make moving your home as easy as booking a flight.


Help with finance, insurance and the transport of your transportable home

We handle the logistics of transporting your movable holiday home to your (new) location. We also provide services like insurance and finance, and provide details on rules and regulations.

Your home, your location, your holiday

A transportable holiday home combines the advantages of a rental holiday home with those of owning your own home. Enjoy the comfort of your own belongings, without being constrained to one location, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional second house.

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About Us

Flying Holiday Homes is a platform for transportable holiday homes. We give you access to all the information about movable holiday homes and suitable locations to place your home. Also, we provide assistance with finance, insurance and transport. A transportable home can be put on a reserved location by one of our connected transport partners. It is our mission to help creative designers become successful producers, to help beautiful holiday resorts grow into healthy businesses, and to provide carefree holidays for everyone.