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“A guest house”, “my office in the garden”, “a workshop for my free time”, “a place with the best views”….

With NOEM GO® building system, you can have a house built in just weeks. Its modular structures are designed to combine freely to respond to internal distribution requirements, and to adapt to your plot’s limitations.
NOEM GO® has two basic modules: SPACE and HUB, to which you can add other elements such as terraces, awnings, porches… The HUB module is the heart of NOEM GO®. It concentrates all the facilities that make it function.It accommodates bathrooms, kitchens, closets and all the technical facilities that need to be included.

SPACE is an open module with a solid Pyrennean wood frame with two customizable sides and combinations of walls, windows or doors. A SPACE combined with other SPACE and HUB modules can create the space you require. It can be developed into a 2 storey building. After 8 weeks of workshop construction, we will transport the modules by road and assemble them on your plot in only a few days, minimising the hassle and delays of traditional construction work. Turn-Key delivery with all the guarantees.


object type
  • fits in container(s)
  • time to setup
  • > 16 hours
  • persons
  • 2 persons
  • surface
  • <30 m2
  • outside Material
  • Wood
  • Warranty
  • to deliberate
  • delivery time
  • up to 6 months
  • condition
  • new
  • inside
  • double bedroom
  • kitchen
  • outside
  • porch
  • double glazing
  • utility connections
  • electricity 220/240v
  • options
  • Double terras doors
  • materials
  • wood
  • heating
  • electric
  • new in database
  • april 2017
  • Available from

    Local EUR 45000
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    Additional information

    NOEM by Think CO2 is a company from Barcelona  We are specialists in building modern wooden houses, ecological Prefabricated design homes fully customized. Our portfolio is composed by NOEM GONOEM Concept and NOEM Stay. Maximum energy efficiency, comfort and energy savings through passive house standards and the latest technology. For more information stay tuned through our blog, read articles from la Vanguardiael País and la UPC,or contact us.

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