Our business: Transportable holiday homes

2018/04/22 by Alie Sierkstra

Flying Holiday Homes is a catalogue for transportable holiday homes. You can find and order your perfect home and put it in one of the many spots we offer. And when it’s time for a change, you can simply book a new spot on our website and tell us to move your home. We’ll help you arrange everything that is necessary, all in one place.

Are you having trouble finding a suitable holiday home? You don't want to stay in the same place every year? You don't really like spending your vacations in used rented homes?

Wouldn't ...

5 reasons to buy a transportable holiday home

2018/03/08 by Naan Eldering

Would you like to own your own holiday home? A transportable holiday home provides you with all the benefits of a traditional home, but adds many more, like the freedom to move your home to different locations. There are many reasons to buy a transportable holiday home. We like to give you five of them.

You may have been considering buying a holiday home for some time, but perhaps the expense of buying one and the costs of upkeep and maintenance, as well as the utility bills, have been putting you off. Another drawback is that you would probably ...

5 best self-sustainable holiday homes

2018/03/02 by Naan Eldering

In this blog we present five of the best self-sustainable holiday homes. These are truly environmentally friendly and allow you to live off-the-grid. If you want to limit your impact on the ecosystem and are curious about eco-friendly vacations, we’ve got the perfect transportable holiday homes for you.

Many of our transportab;e holiday homes are self-sustainable. These smart houses are powered solely by solar and wind energy, which makes them truly environmentally friendly. They allow you to live off-the-grid, while still enjoying the luxury of a hotel room. They provide a design way to independent housing with which you ...

What if holiday homes were foldable?

2018/01/27 by Naan Eldering

We’d like you to meet the foldable home from M.A.Di. The Italian company delivers their houses flat packed. They can be put on any flat surface, and once the outer shell has been pulled up, the house unfolds itself. We hope a version that can be refolded is on its way.

The Flying Holiday Homes team sees a lot of interesting houses in their search for the best transportable holiday homes. Not all of them make it to the catalogue. Some are a little too small, some are hard to transport. Others are just not up to our ideas ...

Moving your transportable holiday home to another location

2018/01/13 by Naan Eldering

We’ve been enjoying our transportable holiday home for quite some time now. We spend our last vacations on the Mediterranean coast. It was lovely, but now we’re ready for something new. That is why we’ve been thinking about moving our holiday home. Luckily moving our home to a new holiday home location sounds a lot harder than it actually is. 

The Martin family is thinking about moving their transportable holiday home. Because these vacation homes can easily be moved, visiting a new location every year is a piece of cake. The family can’t wait to tell you more about ...