What if holiday homes were foldable?


We’d like you to meet the foldable home from M.A.Di. The Italian company delivers their houses flat packed. They can be put on any flat surface, and once the outer shell has been pulled up, the house unfolds itself. We hope a version that can be refolded is on its way.

The Flying Holiday Homes team sees a lot of interesting houses in their search for the best transportable holiday homes. Not all of them make it to the catalogue. Some are a little too small, some are hard to transport. Others are just not up to our ideas of sustainable living. And then there is this category "it doesn't really fit, but we really like it". Just like this folded home from M.A.Di.

We all know how to fold a paper airplane, or a boat. Some of us can even fold a crane. But a whole house, where you can live in? The Italian company M.A.Di. delivers their houses flat packed. They can be put on any flat surface, without concrete foundation. This one is not from paper, like the Wikkelhouse, but from sturdy high-quality materials that could withstand an earthquake. With the help of three people and the delivery truck, the outer shell can be pulled up, and the two story house unfolds itself.

Source: This house takes 6 hours to build and costs just over $30K

The standard edition consists of two segments, a total of 26 square meters. Need more space? Segments can be added to cater your needs. The 26 square meter version sells for $33.000 including delivery and setup.

At Flying Holiday Homes we all hope they will come up with a version that will just as easily refold as it folds, so we can fly it to its next destination!

Want to know more? For more information, please visit: madihome.com



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