Moving your transportable holiday home to another location


We’ve been enjoying our transportable holiday home for quite some time now. We spend our last vacations on the Mediterranean coast. It was lovely, but now we’re ready for something new. That is why we’ve been thinking about moving our holiday home. Luckily moving our home to a new holiday home location sounds a lot harder than it actually is. 

The Martin family is thinking about moving their transportable holiday home. Because these vacation homes can easily be moved, visiting a new location every year is a piece of cake. The family can’t wait to tell you more about it in their blog.

The beauty of having transportable holiday homes is that they can be moved from one location to another. If we had bought a holiday home made with bricks and mortar, we would have felt obliged to have our holidays in it for years to capitalize on our investment. That’s why I’m so happy we found that we could buy a transportable holiday home.

At the moment, our holiday home is located on the Mediterranean coast. We’ve been discussing if we want to stay where we are, or to move to a new location, perhaps to the mountains and lakes. Luckily, we know that when we are ready to move, the guys at Flying Holiday Homes will give us all the assistance they can.

Daydreaming about moving my transportable holiday home

I’ve been daydreaming again, picturing our home close to a lake, with mountains towering above it. I’ll have to visit Flying Holiday Homes and browse for new, suitable locations. But before we move, we’ll check out the various locations where our holiday home can be installed. I think it’s best to do that in order to get an idea of what we can expect. Looking at websites or brochures give you a basic idea of what a place is like, but I want to inspect the site myself before we start moving our transportable holiday home there.

That is why we have decided to take off for a few weeks and explore the French and Italian Alps. Let’s see if we can find a perfect location. We’ve worked out routes and booked our accommodation. I’m feeling excited at the prospect of our trip. We’ll fly to France, rent a car and see which location will suit us best. I’m hoping that it will be in Italy, but we’re a democratic family, so it will be a majority decision. And well, if it doesn’t work out: we can very easily move our transportable holiday home a second time!

Moving your transportable holiday home made easy

We’ve already checked on about the rules and regulations of the sites we prefer, so that’s a lot of hassle avoided already. More and more site owners are getting used to the idea that movable holiday homes are becoming increasingly popular. Hopefully that will mean it will be easier to move one’s holiday home in the very near future. It would be nice to have just a little more choice in terms of which countries we could visit.

I’ve been doing a little research into moving transportable holiday homes and have discovered that in some countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, it’s relatively easy to move a holiday home from A to B. However, with the logistical help from Flying Holiday Homes, it is quite simple to move within Europe, as well.

Seeing the world by moving our transportable holiday home

Right now, we are thinking about buying a second transportable holiday home so that our children can each invite a friend when we next go on holiday. We’ll have to think about whether we would want them at the same location or a different one as the children grow up. How awesome would it be of we have one located in the mountains close to a lake, and the other close to a Mediterranean beach? But if it doesn’t happen, we can always move our first transportable holiday home around.

I remember the first time we went on holiday in our transportable home, and all the preparations I made. Looking back, I should have just let Flying Holiday Homes deal with everything. So when we move our new home, they will sort that side of things out for us. They have proved that they know what they are doing and I’m more than willing to let them do what they do best. I just hope they know I’m at my best as a location scout!



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