Transportable holiday homes give you freedom


When we started a family, we wanted to buy our own holiday home. But finding the perfect one, in the perfect location turned out to be quite the headache. Especially when it came to finding a “location, location, location”, we almost gave up. Luckily we found the perfect solution: transportable holiday homes. 

The Rijnberk family recently bought a movable holiday home. They’re exploring all the transportable holiday home locations and want to share their experiences in this blog.

Before our youngest child was born, we used to go camping. Every year, we drove off towards the sun, not certain where we would spend the night. We loved the sense of adventure. However, when we started a family, we felt we needed a bit more certainty. It seemed necessary for us to at least know where we would sleep. Eventually we found the perfect solution: transportable holiday homes.

Locations for transportable holiday homes give us the freedom we want, yet without giving up the house we want. This combination seemed impossible to find at first.

The freedom of transportable holiday homes

For our first holiday as a family, we rented a house near the Mediterranean coast. We were lucky, we realized in retrospect, as the house closely resembled the pictures in the brochure. Unfortunately, in the years that followed, we found out that our temporary homes weren’t always as beautiful, or as comfortable. That’s when we had the idea of buying our own holiday home.

We were very optimistic and, but soon we figured out that most real estate agents spoke a different language than we do. When we heard them say “picturesque”, we had a different understanding of the word. We found out that they meant "small and a lot of work", while we were imagining something beautiful and cozy. We did learn an important lesson from our visits with real estate agents though: “Location, location, location”. This basically means that location is really important. You can buy the right home in the wrong location. You can change the structure, remodel it, or alter the home's layout but, ordinarily, you cannot move it.

Finding the perfect location became a headache. Especially because committing to a single location scared us. We always went camping because we like to see the world and explore new countries. But just when we were about to give up, we stumbled upon transportable holiday homes. These holiday homes are not permanently tied to one place, but can be moved to different locations.

Transportable holiday home locations around the world

It turned out that there is an innovative, new market for homes that aren't attached to their foundations. These are not like big caravans, but more like cabins or even lofts that are constructed to be lifted and moved. We were surprised by the many possibilities in terms of shape, size and design. Daring architects and producers like Noem, Dubldom and Ark Shelter can deliver a brand-new holiday home to your doorstep, or any place else, wherever you prefer. And because the number of transportable holiday home locations keeps growing, you can put your own home just about anywhere you want it.

Flying Holiday Homes took the hassle out of our search for locations for transportable holiday homes. Not only do they list a very complete catalogue of movable holiday homes, but they also offer a list of rentable spots throughout Europe. These places are ready to host your home, including the necessary utility connections for one season or for several years.

The perfect transportable holiday home location

We ordered a home from Noem, and after two months they were ready to deliver and install it at the first spot we rented in the south of Italy. We absolutely love our transportable holiday home location, in a separated area of a family camping. Everything we need, like the sea and the supermarket, is in walking distance. There's a swimming pool and a restaurant at the camping site and enough friends and activities to keep our kids happy. The old town nearby is easy to reach and the surrounding hills and forest are amazing.

We can rest easy, knowing that we will enjoy our movable holiday home in this location in the coming years… and the spot after that… and the one after that. So for us “location, location, location” now refers to the multiple locations we can choose from!



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