DD 1.26


The first and smallest of the entire line of DublDom, collected from the two modules. It is with DublDom26 started our production in 2014. This is a small and cozy house for 1-3 persons, suitable for permanent or seasonal living. On 26 square meters of usable area fit everything you need - the zone entrance hall, lounge, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The minimum area allows to spend a minimum of energy for heating and heat a house can be a small fire in an hour, even in the bitter cold. This is home for those. who spend time outdoors, but appreciate the comfort and warmth of their homes. It is suitable for the hunter in the forest, a small company of friends in the mountains, or the young couple fled the city in the future can be extended DublDom26 terrace, porch or an economic unit.


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Local EUR 22300
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External dimensions of the house without the verandas (HEIGTH x WIDTH x DEPTH): 3х5х6.3m.

Living area: 26m2

Building area: 31m2

Ceiling heigth: 1.85-2.55m.

Weigth: 4 tons


insulation 150mm

double glazing (simple glass)

wooden doors and windows with double glazing

hidden wiring plumbing and sanitary; bathroom with washbasin, toilet and shower; mixers GROHE;boiler 50 liters

Built-in electrical and recessed main switchboard

indoor and outdoor lighting

Interior decoration: wood massive imitation of lumber, massive wooden floor in the common area, mosaics and imitation of timber in the bathroom

Outdoor covering: ventilated facade of brushed metal painted as standard

heated floors in the bathroom


side panoramic windows

drains along the side facade with panoramic windows

wood finishing of side facade with panoramic windows

delivery of modules from production to the site

basement (screw piles)

work futher than 100km from the factory

furniture & accessories


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