Our first holiday with our mobile holiday home


In 2016 I bought a mobile holiday home. In this blog I would like to share my experience with you. From the moment I first heard about these transportable holiday homes to choosing a design and a location. And finally to our first vacation in Sicily.

In 2015 the Barker family spent a holiday in their transportable holiday home for the first time. They share their experiences in this blog on Flying Holiday Homes. 

Browsing the web one evening, I came across this website on movable holiday homes. Not caravans or motorhomes, but actual holiday homes you can relocate. The flexible architecture design attracted me and I found myself seriously contemplating buying one for our family holidays. 

Choosing my transportable holiday home and its location

The designs of transportable holiday homes on Flying Holiday Homes range from ultra-modern cubes to log cabin look-alikes, in a range of sizes. I first chose the cube design, but because I really liked them all, I changed my mind, more than once. Finally, I fell in love with a more traditional design. It would provide hi-tech insulation and this would mean that maintenance could be kept to a minimum. Also, the wood finish meant that the flexible design would closely resemble a wood cabin, which I have always loved.

After I chose the design of my movable holiday home, I started thinking about a location for our first holiday. Where would I most like to park a transportable holiday home? At that time, there were transportable holiday home locations in France, Cyprus and Sicily, which are all excellent places for a vacation. I had a hard time choosing, so I called Flying Holiday Homes to explain my dilemma. They pointed out that if I bought a flying holiday home, it could be moved from one country to another.

The transport of my transportable holiday home

Suddenly it hit me: I could purchase one of the transporatble holiday homes online and it would be transported to the location of my choice. I could visit France, Cyprus and Sicily. It was just a matter of choosing where I wanted to go first. I always wanted to go to Sicily, so I decided then and there that the Italian island would be my first destination.

“How long will it take for my new home to arrive?” I asked. I was assured by Flying Holiday Homes that it could be ready for us within weeks. I was very excited and began to seriously plan our first vacation in our new holiday home. The great thing was that I did not have to think about the transport of our movable holiday home, because all the logistics would be taken care of by Flying Holiday Homes. I’d simply get to my destination and be able to move straight in. 

Decorating my transportable holiday home

Most of the movable holiday homes come furnished, because the designers have smart ways of making the most of the space. But because I wanted a personal touch, I chose to furnish my home myself. I started ordering furniture from local Sicilian stores online, and arranged for it to arrive in my transportable holiday home on the day I got there. Luckily it did!

The first few days were wonderful. The locals had been very curious to see our holiday home. They said that they couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw it “flying” into the site. It must have caused some consternation. After all we were in a rural part of Sicily. Our neighbors hadn’t seen anything like our flying holiday home before.

The future of our transportable holiday home

Now that we have had our transportable holiday home for some time, we are thinking of extending it. We would like to add some bedrooms so that we can accommodate guests. Apparently, this can be done easily. These homes, I am now realizing, are extremely versatile. One day I might also buy a smaller one, which I can use as an office.

If you have been thinking about purchasing a transportable holiday home, why not follow our example? There are lots of homes to choose from and you can have them transported to holiday home locations in several European countries. All you have to do is decide where you want your home to be placed. Everything else you can leave to Flying Holiday Homes!



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