ÖÖD is convenient to manage for its lessor – functions such as temperature, lights and locks are adjustable remotely. The interior design of ÖÖD puts the customers comfort first. The room is furnished with custom made bed, carefully chosen mattress, pillows, adjustable lights, fast internet connection, large touch screen for the ultimate movie night experience, Bose sound system, adjustable floor heating, well chosen books, sound isolation, etc.  

ÖÖD installation will take just 8 hours to complete


object type
  • special transport
  • time to setup
  • 4 - 8 hours
  • persons
  • 2 persons
  • surface
  • <20 m2
  • delivery time
  • up to 6 months
  • condition
  • new
  • inside
  • double bedroom
  • kitchen
  • living
  • outside
  • all weather
  • double glazing
  • utility connections
  • water
  • electricity 220/240v
  • water treatment
  • materials
  • wood
  • plywood
  • metal
  • heating
  • electric
  • new in database
  • april 2017
  • Available from

    Local EUR 50000
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    Additional information


    The ÖÖD hotel room is constructed as follows: 

    • On the basis of a steel structure;

    • Full-height Mirastar insulated glazing units with the U-value of 1.1 W/m²K are used on three sides as the building façade;

    • The back wall of the building has wooden framework with the necessary communications inside; the exterior of the wall is covered with thermally treated wood siding;

    • The wall, floor and ceiling are insulated with 200 mm thick mineral wool; natural wood is used for interior finishing;

    • The solution of the interior walls of the “tiny house” involves laminated glass panels;

    • Interior communications have been constructed, and complete connection readiness i.e. Plug’n’play has been provided;

    • SBS rolled roofing is used;

    • Hot water is supplied by means of a water heater, and the heating system solution involves an automatic air source heat pump;

    • Sewage discharges to the tank, central sewer or septic system;

    • The ÖÖD hotel room lighting features energy efficient LED lamps; the room also has a Wi-Fi router;

    • The ÖÖD hotel room is erected on post footing with six posts and needs three connection points: water (a 32-mm connector), electricity (IP55, 220 V) and the internet cable (CAT5e).



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