Frank van OirschotIn recent years my family and I have often looked into buying or building our own holiday home. Especially after holidays when we stayed in hotels or houses that didn’t live up to our expectations, we spent hours each night looking for the perfect holiday home. It’s difficult to find a fun holiday location with nice accommodations, that meets the expectations of a family with four young children. And even when we thought we had found the perfect home in a great location with 5-star reviews, the result could still disappoint in real life.

A good example of a movable holiday home

My interest in transportable holiday homes

My family and I like to discover new places, so buying a “traditional” holiday house - and therefore visiting the same location each year - isn’t for us. I discovered that buying a mobile holiday home could offer us the best of both worlds. With a transferable home we could move to a new location whenever we wanted, yet still have a house of our own, that we could build and decorate to our exact wishes. And moreover, with a mobile home, we did not have to invest nearly as much as we would have with a "traditional" home.

Founding Flying Holiday Homes

Disappointing holiday location? Move your holiday home!Before founding Flying Holiday Homes, I had already been looking for holiday homes with interesting designs. I saved them on a Pinterest board. I was astonished by the amount of great designers and architects, and their creations. They made sustainable homes, homes that were easy to move and beautifully designed homes. All completely different, yet all great. But somehow they were all looking for the best way to market their product, which wasn’t easy for most of them. Because of this, the market didn’t automatically mature.

Looking at data, trends and studies on tourism and recreational housing, it seemed that transportable holiday homes were very well positioned to develop into a promising market. While speaking with like-minded people, that also wanted to combine the comfort of owning their own second home with the thrill of freedom, I became convinced that this market needed a solution that took away barriers in the availability of information and provided easy access to products and locations. Flying Holiday Homes is founded on these insights.

Join the movable holiday home movement

With Flying Holiday Homes, we want to give you access to all the information about mobile holiday homes and suitable locations to place these homes. We've gathered it all on our website which is full of inspiration for the holidaymaker. And we will constantly add new locations and products. We're excited to share our enthusiasm for mobile holiday homes with you. We want creative designers to become successful producers and help beautiful holiday locations to grow. With our platform we hope to facilitate lots of carefree holidays for everyone.

We invite everyone to join Flying Holiday Homes and appreciate any contribution to make our platform a great success. In case you have an idea that can contribute to our development, we will be more than happy to discuss it with you. Please feel free to contact us.

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Frank van Oirschot